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Baby Camel Wool Yarn - Dark Harbor Blue - Bulky

Baby Camel Wool Yarn - Dark Harbor Blue - Bulky

100g/3.52oz Skein
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Fiber Content

100% Baby Camel Wool

Gauge and Yarn Specs




14 sts x 18 rows = 10cm

US 10 | 6mm

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Baby camel wool is the rarest fiber found in Mongolia. After some work in development and sourcing, our baby camel wool yarn now compares almost directly to cashmere in softness at a more affordable price. As demand continues to increase in the future, I’m confident baby camel wool will become a larger portion of income for herders in the Gobi which these gorgeous Bactrian camels call home.

By working closely with herder cooperatives that are focused on development, we are able to implement programs that would be difficult without close communication. With the demand provided through our Kickstarter campaign and customers, we were able to start the first procurement of baby camel wool through our partners with the SCU (Sustainable Cashmere Union). This is real progress, with income from tonnes of fiber being sold that might have been wasted due to lack of markets or desire for processing and production. As people hear about our progress and see the fiber and yarn we produce, I have little doubt baby camel wool will increase in price in the coming years.




14 sts x 18 rows = 10cm

US 10 | 6mm

Mix and Match with other ULA+LIA Fibers and Colors!

Gauge and care is consistent across all of our fibers,
so feel free to combine any of our yarn to find the perfect color pairing.

100% Baby Camel Wool

Always procured from free-range animals raised by traditional herders in the Mongolian countryside.

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Customer Reviews

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Based on 117 reviews

Great price but I needed to wash my yarn before using. The oil? Used while spinning has an odor. Not bad, I just smell things since my head injury years ago.

Beautiful colors

I placed the order to supplement a prior ordered of marled yarn.
It was helpful that the website gave instructions on differentiating between light and dark runs. Unfortunately, I needed aquamarine/navy but order teal/navy. Sure was out of the aquamarine... totally my error.

Nice stitch dimension

I am knitting socks with it and find the cables are very nice and show up beautifully. I plan on ordering more. I love the colors as well.

Thank you Lauren, I'm sure your feet will love the camel socks!

DL Wool/cashmere blend

I love the Periwinkle color and how nicely this knits up.

Thank you Barbara, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the yarn!

Yak yarn is fabulous!

This yarn is even better than I had hoped! After being washed, it's extremely soft, yet doesn't show signs of wanting to pill. The knitted fabric has a really nice halo, similar to that of cashmere. And the customer service from Ula & Lia is top notch. I ordered a few extra skeins so that I could complete a sweater and they arrived in less than a week, well before I needed them.

Thank you CJ! It's definitely a night and day difference after it's washed through. I hope your sweater comes out how you hope!

Easy to work with, dark intense color

I had never used this yak wool before but took a chance on it after seeing it reviewed on Bag-O-Day. I have started a knitted hat with it. It has a good tight twist, good stich definition, I am finding it a pleasure to work with. Its a great value. I am waiting to see how much it softens up after the hat is completed. This is a great company, they shop fast and its for a good cause. I feel good about purchasing from them, they also ship really quick too! I ordered a skein of their emerald green cashmere and am looking forwards to seeing how that works out.

Thank you Susan! The review on Bag-O-Day was a great surprise for me. The washing definitely makes a huge difference, so if you're happy now you'll be overjoyed when washed up.


I was amazed how fast it got here! I will not be able to knit with it for a while as we are in the midst of moving our household. But, I had to at least wash it. It washed up beautifully and the color is exactly what is wanted. Can’t wait to get settled in our new house so I can cast on with it!

Thank you Annie, I can't wait to see the project!

Love knitting with baby yak!

Thank you Diane, I'm happy to hear you like the yarn!

Sheep Wool/Cashmere Blend Yarn - Olive Green - Fingering

As always the yarn is amazing! I love the deep green color too. I'm very happy to be able to support this Kickstarter.

Thank you Susan, and thanks for joining the Kickstarter again!

I love this's perfect for the sweater I'm making!

Thank you Joan! I hope the sweater comes out as planned.

Wonderful Yarn

Very soft yarn!!! I am happy and excited to work with this yarn! I am knitting a sweater now. A few years ago I ordered yak yarn here and I love my sweater. This is a picture of my yak sweater. I believe my cashmere sweater will be beautiful and comfortable as well.

If you loved the yak I'm sure you're going to love the cashmere too. The sweater looks perfect, thank you for sharing!

Lovely yarn and softness

Lovely yarn, easy to wah out spinning oils for super softness

Thank you Ina, I hope you can find the perfect project for the softness!

Deep Red Beauty

This cashmere is so wonderful to knit with. I'm on my second sweater with Ula & Lia Cashmere yarn. The first was the natural colored (which I dyed after I knit it) yarn. After washing it, I was amazed at how much it "bloomed". Love it!

Yes the washing definitely makes a huge difference. Thank you for building up a wardrobe with our yarns!

Gorgeousness! Love it so much!!

Thank you!

Love it!

I love trying new yarns and this is a wonderful addition to my stash!

Thank you Deborah, I hope you can find a good project for it!

Sheep/Yak Wool Socks
JuliAnn Bachman

second purchase of socks and have recommended them to others. Will continue to purchase.

Thank you! We've still got plenty in stock to make it through this next winter, so we'll have more!

Nice colour, beautiful yarn

I almost completed my project. This yarn (fingering) is soft and is a very good choice for kids.
The colour is very pretty and the thickness of the yarn are perfect for a light dress, sweater, polo. Jacket will be good with DK or double fingering.
My granddaughter liked it a lot when I asked her to try it to see how it fits and estimate the length.

Thank you for sharing the picture, it looks great! I'm very happy to hear you are enjoying the yarn!

Baby Yak Wool Yarn

I have made several gauge swatches and the yarn is a delight to knit. The natural color is lovely and I will be knitting a long cozy sweater with it.

Thank you Wendy, I hope you enjoy working up the sweater!

Washes up very soft

I used this skein as well as a couple browns from last year in a project. This years yak seems softer than the previous year. Very fluffy and beautiful. Improved greatly after washing and them steaming the final project to get a good bloom.

The yak continues to impress me as well. Thank you for leaving the review, I'm happy you are enjoying the yarn!


Love the color and the weight. Feels like butter.

Thank you for the review Kathy, I'm glad to hear you're happy with it!

Absolutely beautiful

I finished a project with the platinum, undyed baby yak DK and absolutely loved the outcome. So I decided to purchase a sweater’s quantity of antique ruby red, and I’m so glad I did! Beautiful deep red, I’ll post images after I make a garment worthy of this beauty!

Thank you for coming back Mary Jo! I hope the ruby project comes out as good as the others

Given 4 skeins as a Xmas gift. Started a Sharon miller shawl. Not enough yarn. Pleasantly surprised that the colour is a match
Would definitely buy this yarn again

Awesome we still had some! Periwinkle was definitely a popular color, maybe we'll do it again in cashmere one of these years!

Beautiful yarn

Basic oversized sweater (will be converted to long sleeves),with 1 lace and 1 fingering. Two lace would be nice too with this voluminous pattern. Breathable, after 2 washes with shampoo became slightly fluffy, which looks very nice. Pretty color too.
Switching to undyed yarn entirely.

Beautiful! I was so happy when we got the blonde camel for this year. Thank you for the review and picture!

Quick service

I ordered product and received it within a week. That was fantastic. The yarn is great quality, just need to figure out what I’m going to make with it.

Happy to hear it got out to you quickly! Hopefully you can find the perfect project for it just as fast. Thank you!

My cat loves it too

Made a sweater for my daughter (with an option of long sleeves) in a combination of fingering and lace. The thickness is about what I wanted.
Both fingering and lace are beautiful and fluffy after I washed the yarn before knitting and after. Laid it flat to dry.

My mom has a cashmere blanket that our cat loves as well. They must have a thing for soft natural fibers. Thank you for the review!