Collection: Mongolian Baby Yak Wool Knitting Yarn

Sounds strange, but feels incredible! The downy fiber harvested from Mongolian yaks provides a unique mix of softness and durability that's perfect for knitting yarn. Yaks have different layers in their wool coats, much like goats. ULA + LIA only uses the finest, softest down layer that 1-3 year old yaks produce in the middle of bitter winters. The guard hairs that remain after the brushing process are separated from the downy ‘yak cashmere’ before being spun into our yarn made specifically for knitting and crochet.

Due to their unique habitat of high elevations and bitterly cold temperatures, yak wool is very fine and soft, but also comprised of abnormally long and durable fibers. Like merino wool, yak wool is also finding its way into base layers due to its high quality, strength, warmth, and natural wicking properties.

All yarn skeins are 100 grams of 100% pure Mongolian baby yak wool.